Tao & Amy


About Tao

Tao LaBossiere is partner of Still Waters, and manages the operations and development of this sacred facility. He has a special love for Still Waters since he grew up on the property with his parents and sisters.

Tao is a multi-disciplined, award-winning artist, specializing in murals, custom wall finishes, illustration and sculpture. Tao is the owner of Fine Art Painting, LLC, a greater Hartford company since 1992. Tao creates sculptures, murals and custom art walls for fine homes, businesses, hospitals and universities. He is a restoration artist, working on countless Cow Parade cow sculptures as both the original sculptor and restorative artist. Art patrons may also find Tao’s work in gymnasiums, where he paints giant images and logos on gym floors. Many of his paintings and sculptures have won awards statewide. He was trained at Hartford Art School. Check out Tao’s Fine Art Painting website.

About Amy

Amy LaBossiere is managing partner of Still Waters. She has more than 20 years of experience as a marketing and advertising executive, public relations expert and business writer. She is an award-winning outsider artist, holistic health coach and marketing consultant. Amy holds a Master of Arts in Conscious Evolution from The Graduate Institute, certification in holistic health coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is board-certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Amy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts with a specialization in Public Relations from Long Island University/C.W. Post Campus. She has served on the council for Connecticut Women Artists, Inc, Oil Drum Art, Inc. and the Hartford Commission of Cultural Affairs. She is currently enrolled in the Accelerator program at reSET, social enterprise trust. Connect with Amy on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Amy is also president of the Hartford Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Find out more about the chamber here.

Tao and Amy

Tao & Amy


Tao and Amy also volunteer together to run the gallery at Hartford ArtSpace, where they have a studio. Tao volunteers to manage the gallery for more than 15 years, scheduling and managing up to 21 exhibits per year. Amy helps with publicity and promotion for the community gallery, as well as assisting Tao with logistics. Together, this art couple as they’ve been deemed, have produced countless art shows, benefiting the community, local artists and many non-profit organizations.

With their combined vision, Tao and Amy will transform Still Waters into a thriving social enterprise that creates consistently fulfilling retreats for guests and their groups.

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