Still Waters was originally founded in 1969 by Mavis and Paul LaBossiere. While living in New York City, the LaBossiere’s were looking for a place in the country to raise a family. They fell in love with Still Waters, which they purchased from the Sundholm family. The LaBossiere’s raised three children, Tao, Zen and Chi in this bucolic location. All three creative children grew up with a respect for nature, a strong work ethic and a love of their home. They all worked hard to support the summer cottage rental business that their parents had started.

Many years later as Tao, Zen and Chi moved on to other locations and their adult lives, the business came to a close. Fast forward to 2009, Tao and his fiancé Amy, during one of their many visits to Still Waters, began to see a new vision, and yearned to turn Still Waters into a place of healing where people could come to relax, rejuvenate and be inspired. In 2010, Tao and Amy began the planning to reopen Still Waters as a Retreat Center for holistic and creative groups.

In 2014, the main house suffered a devastating fire, shutting down the operations and stopping the business in its tracks. As of summer 2015, Tao and Amy are still working on our rebuild with the insurance company, architects and others. We hope that all will go smoothly from this point on, and our relaunch will be some time in late 2016. Stay tuned!

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